My Definition of True Success

Last December marked the 1 year anniversary of going full-time into digital marketing as a freelancer.

Since then, the past 12 months have felt like I’ve lived 3 lifetimes already.

I thought I knew what to expect and in a lot of ways, it’s a very similar experience and journey as when I started King of Pops in Richmond back in 2012.

Lots of questions from people as to why I was leaving, what I would be doing, etc.

And then thinking, “well I’ve been down this path before, this will be easy the second go-around”

Well, let’s just say it hasn’t been easy.

I made a couple videos around this theme as well:

Nothing is easy when you’re starting from scratch. And even with amazing friends and family supporting me, carving a new path in life is alwasy difficult.

But the challenges have been the best part of it. I’ve grown tremendously this past year, more than I thought possible.

I thought I had done all my growth during the King of Pops era, where I had lots of ups and downs, before settling in to a consistent business where I no longer worried for future cash flow.

These struggles now have been similar but also much more deep.

There was a time when I thought I could never start over. “How can I start from the beginning again when I know so well what that’s like?”

Yet, a year ago, there I was. Starting over again into an unknown path and future.

This go-around has been plagued with far more self-doubt than I ever would have thought.

Afterall, I’ve already taken a massive risk once and succeeded.

“Who am I to think I could make this work? Maybe I just got lucky before, and I’m actually not as good as I think.”

And I can’t help the thoughts that creep in, “Why do I do this to myself AGAIN?! Maybe I should get a full-time job, the thought of a steady paycheck would be so comfortable.”

There was a time I remember vividly when we had gotten burgarlized 3 times in a month back in 2013, and I was sitting on the sidewalk feeling hopeless.

I decided that day to build something that’s indestructible, something that could never be destroyed or stolen.

I soon realized that that unbreakable thing was my mind. My knowledge, experience, and outlook in the world that can never be taken from me.

Since then, I’ve continued to focus on my self-growth, to become the best version of myself that I can be. The type of person that my younger self would be immensely proud of

It’s that path, more than the entrenpeneurial path, that’s been the most rewarding.

Because at the end of the day, when you’re alone with just your thoughts, how you feel about yourself is the only thing that matters.

Your bank account isn’t there to comfort you, nor your possessions, and not even your supportive friends and family.

All there is is you.

I work for that moment.

I yearn for that moment.

And when I’m there, I feel at peace. I feel happy. I feel loved.

I’m not perfect but I think I’m close.

Having these moments of peace is the greatest success I could ever hope for.