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Fractional Media Buying and Senior Strategy For Marketing Agencies

Lead Generation

Senior Strategy

Fractional Services

Did your media buyer’s lack of skill, strategy, or communication cost you yet another client?

Media buyer taking up all your time and losing you clients?

Have you hired a media buyer who intervieweed well, then did so little work you had to fire them 3 weeks later?

Overpaying an experienced media buyer who’s rate is eating up all your profits?

Is your media buyer super slow to complete tasks, lacks communication skills, and barely replies to emails/Slack messages?

Your media buyer is costing you $125,393/year

Media buying is a core function of many digital agencies, and often finding the right mix of skills is a challenge.

How many accounts can one media buyer take on?

What is an appropriate rate to pay someone with experience?

How do you scale up (or down) based on client churn?

We make all this easy for you by giving high-end, white glove service at a price no one else could charge to give you flexibility when times if you have influx of clients or lose a handful of clients at once. After all, cash flow is huge for businesses of any size.

Lead Generation

brainwake - lead generation

We specialize in lead generation. If you’re in ecommerce, I’m afraid I’m not a good fit and happy to refer you to one of my outstanding colleagues in the field.

Click HERE for a link to our Lead Generation Calculator and accompanying training video.

Senior Level Strategy

We’ve worked with agencies with 7-10 clients to those with 50-60 clients.

We’ve seen quite a bit from this experience.

Our services go beyond just pushing the buttons in Ads Manager.

We offer insight to your full funnel from conversion rates to creative strategy, ideas for new hooks/headlines, strategic client reporting to maximize client happiness and retention, and consultation of agency operations.

Fractional Services

Pay for what you need when you need it.

Lose a few clients all at once? We get it, it happens to the best of agencies. Your costs should go down accordingly, and we help manage that.

Likewise, are you prepared to quickly scale up and launch if you have a killer sales month and land a bunch of new clients all at once?

We got you there too. Let’s help you launch new clients quickly and efficiently!

In 2012, I started King of Pops in Richmond, an ice-pop business selling handmade popsicles. By 2018, we had done over $2 million in total sales with a product costing $3. That’s a lot of popsicles.

Starting January 2019, I ventured full-time into the world of digital marketing, honing the skills that I had learned in 6 years , and helping other businesses navigate the complex world of online marketing.

Now, in 2020, I’ve launched Brainwake Consulting. New name, same idea: Help businesses stand out and experience phenomenal revenue growth.

I don’t come from a huge agency. No experience in a big, fancy office. My experience is in the trenches of business.  For me, there’s either results or there’s nothing.




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