…is to not write them at all.

Here’s a quick copywriting hack I’ve been using more and more.

This also works when trying to determine a good subject line for your emails.

Just start writing.

Go for long-form copy.

Have you ever heard that quote from Mark Twain?

“I apologize for such a long letter – I didn’t have time to write a short one.”

Longer form copy is actually much easier to write.

So go for that.

And then when you’re done, look towards the middle and bottom of your copy.

I guarantee at LEAST ONE great hideline is hiding there.

In the newspaper business, they call this, ‘burying the lead’

Newspapers, like copy, want to start with a strong lead/headline.

Your headline is there. It’s just buried. So extract it from your copy and place it at the top of your body copy or in the headline space of your ad.

You can still leave it where it is in the copy if you like!

It’s totally fine to be repititive, all copy simple repeats benefits throughout.

Even if you keep saying the same thing over and over, it reinforces the benefits of what you’re saying.

Don’t worry about being redundant, I’ve seen copy where the same benefit is repeated in every single paragraph over and over, just written in different ways.

Catch my drift?

The gold of your copy starts to emerge as you get into a flow.

Look there for your headline, you’ve already written it.

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